For a brand intently focused on its online audience, contemporary fashion brand Axel Arigato’s new Copenhagen flagship flaunts an impressive amount of bravado offline. It’s one of five physical locations for the Swedish company – for now. It’s the biggest and, like the recently opened Stockholm flagship, was born of the long-time collaboration between creative director and co-founder Max Svärdh, and designer Christian Halleröd.

The results illustrate how committed the team is to create an all-encompassing brand world for its followers. Indeed, this is a company that aims to please (and sell), releasing a new style each week to whet the brand-appetite of those very followers. Axel Arigato may buck against traditional sales channels and seasonal collections. But what it does do to gain momentum in the industry is stay up-and-up on the music, art and design its target audience knows, and then incorporate that into its own brand identity.

And that’s proven to be a pretty spot-on tactic for the omni-channel retailer. The fashion industry has always reflected what’s going on in popular culture – the Axel Arigato team seems to have realised that if you try to know your consumer in all facets, you’ll create spaces that feel like natural habitats to them.

Such is the case with the gallery-esque Copenhagen store. It has a traditional exterior façade, situated in a historical building a stone’s throw away from the posts of other Scandinavian hotspots in the Danish capital, such as Acne Studios and Hay. But the two-level concrete interiors – a blend between ‘brutalism and minimalism’ – are a splash of cold water to the face; LED panels and floor-to-ceiling mirrors were added to elevate the immersive experience. Futuristic-looking features dot the space, such as jesmonite podiums dipped in high-gloss lacquer and a life-size, metallic sculpture of buttocks. #SilverDerriere, by artist Kiri-Una Brito Meumann, was brought in to ‘foster connection’ as a commentary on the ‘culture of consumerism’ and the aesthetic power of the female form to push product.

’Our mission has always been to work without boundaries and bridge fashion, art, commerce and community,’ said Svärdh. And alas, without boundaries, the possibility for growth multiplies.