It’s one of the most refreshing retail concepts we’ve seen in a while, so we’ve made Band of Outsiders by Lot-Ek a feature article in our upcoming fashion-themed issue, out 1 January. Grab your copy for the full scoop!

‘His brief was: I don't just want a pretty store. I want a store that’s interesting,’ says Giuseppe Lignano, who cofounded architecture studio Lot-Ek with Ada Tolla. The ‘brief’ came from Scott Sternberg, founder and creative director of LA fashion label Band of Outsiders. The ‘store’ is the one Lot-Ek just completed inTokyo’s Sendagaya neighbourhood: Band of Outsiders’ first retail shop, which opened its doors last October and will be followed by a flagship store in New York’s SoHo next year.

The interior of the shop is organized around a structural column encased in a massive fabricated-steel construction. The resulting creature, nicknamed ‘The Monster’, has 28 arms that carry the store’s essential elements – including two fitting rooms, display cases, hanging displays, mannequins, a checkout register and projector. These items can rotate around The Monster like a merry-go-round on wheels, moving along ‘tracks’ within the concrete floor; they can also be swept to the side and stacked one atop the other to open the shop’s floor for events or installations.

See more in Frame 96, which hits newsstands on 1 January.

Photos Kozo Takayama