What used to be an office for university professors has been transformed into lounge space that’s – for many reasons – much more inviting for students. 

The two-storey lounge is located below levels of lecture rooms and auditoriums. It's divided into various areas for reading, studying, tutoring, relaxing, eating and socializing.

On the lower floor is the ‘reading cave,’ made of thousands of OSB ribs that undulate across the ceiling and walls. The upper level holds spaces for more dynamic activities, like karaoke, ping-pong, billiards, darts, pole dancing and kungfu.   

‘It’s a youngsters ecology,’ says designer Pitupong Chaowakul of Supermachine Studio. ‘Almost all items were designed to be highly flexible and hint at creative manipulations.’

He says in the modern era, education occurs outside of classrooms; the BU lounge environment has been adapted to reflect his new approach.  

Photos courtesy Wison Tungthunya.

Bangkok University
Rangsit Campus