MEXICO CITY – Occupying priviliged corner real estate on a wide shopping boulevard in the city centre, a modern day barbershop fuses the extravagance of European monarchs with the masculinity of the every day man.

Realizing Barberia Royal after an earlier attempt at a barbershop by a prior tenant flopped before its completion, ROW Studio chose to integrate the already-installed but unused interior elements for a palatial pastiche which formulates the resulting royal touch.

As patrons step off the Paseo de la Reforma, and pass through gold-rimmed fenestration, they immediately set foot upon Barberia Royal's traditional side. A layer of hexagonal tiles depicting a floral pattern and the word 'Royal' in black and white plants the initial the seed of intention right at the door.

One upward glance reveals the source of the warm rays radiating across the land: a ceiling of golden facets. Laser-cut plates of anodised aluminium formulate a jagged landscape across the upper tier of the space, reflecting the happenings of the salon's waiting area and wash area, giving patrons an unexpected eye candy while gazing upward.

If the display of precious metals didn't conjure the connection to the shop's Royal roots, then the restored Triumph motorcycle – a mainstay of British transport dating to the mid-20th century – should do the trick. Chesterfield leather chairs and sofas inject a 1950s lodge flair, while a Buffalo's mane of hair reminds patrons why they are there. Although real and upsetting to most, fortunately their gilded lion, elephant, moose, wolf and zebra counterparts are fake, and mounted on each station's beveled mirror.

Architects ROW Studio Álvaro Hernández Félix, Nadia Hernández Félix, Alfonso Maldonado Ochoa
Typology Barbershop
Client Barberia Royal
Location Mexico City
Furniture Chip Stool and Note Floor Lamp with Table by Blu Dot, Sofas by Pardo Oscuro, Mirrors by Inquadra Marcos.
Construction CM2
Tiles Hisbalit
Taxidermy White Faux Taxidermy
Lighting Lee Broom, Diez Company, Tecnolite
Laser cutting and aluminum finish Materiam
Vinyl cutting Visual 28
PR agency Alejandra Rosillo
Graphic design Andy Butler
Artwork and styling Ivan Esqueda
Built area 968-sq-ft / 90-sq-m
Completion date May 2016

Photos Onnis Luque, courtesy of ROW Studio & Barberia Royal