The Other Office 3 comprises a curated collection of the latest and greatest examples of creative workplace design. Hitting the shelves at the end of the month, the book is now available for preorder with a 20% discount.

The latest volume in Frame’s series of books on workplace design, The Other Office 3 is divided into three chapters, each of which offers insight into the main factors driving contemporary office design. The three chapters focus on: the role of the workplace as a brand asset, the growing concern for employee wellbeing, and the need to create inspiring and energising workspaces, through nearly 100 case studies by 86 international studios.

As the industry continues to tackle questions regarding the office of the future – what it will look like, how it will work – The Other Office 3 is a testimony to today’s myriad, outstanding creative interpretations that support our continuously evolving methods of working.

A brief introduction sets the tone for the pages ahead.

The book features nearly 100 pioneering designs developed by 86 architecture and design studios from all over the world.

A must-have reference tool for interior designers and architects alike, the book offers a global overview of prevailing trends in office design.

Three chapters offer insight into the main factors driving contemporary office design.

Featured projects are accompanied by editorial text, beautiful photography and detailed captions over four or six pages.

Don’t miss the chance to preorder your copy before 29 January for only €55.20 (regular price €69). Orders will be shipped immediately after the official release date of 30 January 2018.