A 132-sq-m escape in Brussels’s old city center, Bath & Barley continues the Czech tradition of combining libations and leisure.

Key features

WeWantMore’s design concept for the double-hospitality spot incorporates more wellness factors into the conventional Czech spaces which typically emphasize the drinking aspect. They formulated the interior by drawing on the aesthetic features of Belgium’s medieval brewing heritage – stained glass panels, copper kettles and earthy surfaces all make appearances in the space, for example; the cavernous atmosphere is accentuated by the fact that the spa is situated in a vaulted cellar. Overhead, dried barley and hops are hung from the ceiling to add an aromatic touch to guests’ sensory experience. Church-like illustrations depicting classical brewers – monks and priests – also adorn the interior, offering visitors a visual narrative of the history behind the unexpected typology. 

Frame’s take

As the first beer spa that Frame has published, Bath & Barley introduces a new typology to our hospitality mix and makes us wonder what other combinations within the sector are possible. WeWantMore’s work smartly responds to the growing success of the wellness market and provides guests with an unusual, sensory retreat in the centre of a metropolitan city. What’s more, it offers a hyperlocal experience, giving people a literal taste of the local heritage.