Boris Banozic’s stage design formed a platform for hosting the celebration of the Berlin Jewish Museum’s 10th anniversary.

With 900 on the guest list, a large space was needed to host the museum's recent jubilee festivities. A former flower market hall opposite the museum was chosen as a venue; the site will accommodate the new academy of the Jewish Museum due to open next year.

Banozic designed a stage to separate the audience from the construction site of the future academy (conceived by Daniel Libeskind). By opening and framing the view to the background, Libeskind’s vision became part of the stage.

‘The stage is like a window, opening the view to the future and framing the new construction,’ says Banozic. ‘We designed the stage by incising a virtual back wall. It’s like the stage components are frozen on stage in an ideal position to bridge the audience’s views to the background. The geometry was inspired by the Star of David.’

The project was commissioned by VOK DAMS.

Photos courtesy Manfred Vogel and Boris Banozic.