Take in the best architecture from the Netherlands - from Rotterdam to Assen and everything in between.

1. EYE Film Institute by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

The 6300-sq-m is defined by a upwardly ramping exterior that runs parallel to the IJ river. The structure is a geometrical weave of walls and glass windows, providing visitors with stunning views of the city. The external geometry is reflected in the internal room layout, which develops in a coherent succession of rooms.

2. Rieteiland House by Hans van Heeswijk

The result is a cubic and somewhat machine-like structure, nestled on the waterfront of the IJburg. The front half of the façade is entirely clad in glazed aluminium panels, while the rear is made of windows which offer views of the water. On the second level is a screened roof terrace, built into the cubic mass.

3. Abondantus Gigantus by Loos.FM

The pavilion was made of Legioblocks – concrete blocks that resemble Lego bricks – coloured in bright, primary tones just like the originals. Arranged in honeycomb patterns, the giant blocks reflected and enhanced sunlight through the day.

4. Van Beuningenplein by Carve, Concrete & Dijk&co

Concrete won the pitch for the buildings that were needed on the square. ‘Rather than looking at the three pavilions as autonomous structures, we approached the square as a space with various rooms, three of which we framed with steel beams,’ says Concrete partner Erik-Jan Vermeulen.

5. Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam by Dok architecten

Originally built as a warehouse by the city’s architect Daniel Stalpaert in the 17th century, the building’s function had been changed to the National Maritime Museum in 1973. The most recent renovation was realized by local firm Dok architecten, who aimed for the museum to serve a larger number of visitors while maintaining as much of the historical structure as possible.

6. Loosdrecht Island House by 2by4-architects

The recreational house was custom-created as per the client’s wish. In summertime, nearly an entire side of the house can be opened to offer views of the water; the wooden façade can be folded open and the glass wall pushed inside it. The living room floor then becomes a jetty from where water can be accessed. A free-hanging chimney acts as a focal point, creating the perfect gathering place on warm summer nights.

7. Dutch Mountain House by Denieuwegeneratie Architecten

Commissioned to construct a house in the middle of the Goois Nature Reserve, southeast of Amsterdam, Dutch firm Denieuwegeneratie Architecten shielded the north side of the house while providing the opposite side with a large glazed façade.

8. The Hague Municipal Office by Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau

With a robust exterior form, the structure is topped with a massive triangular peak. Above the atrium roof, the building unfolds around the triangular atrium. The uppermost nine levels house private apartments. 

9. University of Applied Sciences by BDG Architecten

In line with BDG’s programmatic doctrine, the overall design of the building is driven by a strong sustainable concept based on the efficient exploitation of sunlight, rainwater and clean air flow. Despite their preference for a rigid high-tech framework, the architects focused on a circulation system that would ensure a relaxed environment.

10. Drents Museum Extension by Erick van Egeraat

The museum is located in Assen, the Netherlands, and features a collection of historical artifacts from the Dutch province of Drenthe. It’s 2400-sq-m extension plays with the landscape, water and nature to emphasize the scenic surroundings and the culture-rich area. The underground space has a sloping roof with park on top.