When it comes to footwear shops, few brands create spaces as captivating as Camper. What makes them even more unique is the fact that the big-label brand teams with independent designers (often locals) in creating shop concepts, ensuring each is totally unique in its setting.

In our native Holland, two stores shine: Camper Amsterdam (by Michele De Lucchi) and Camper Rotterdam (by Alfredo Häberli). The former is a nod to traditional Memphis style, while the later invites customers to shop inside a massive aquarium.

At Camper Vienna (by Juli Capella), sleek white walls combine with mirrors and massive blow-up forms of trumpets and coffee pots. Meanwhile, at Camper Lyon (by Studio Makkink & Bey), the designers reflected the basic movements of walking in the shop, which is filled with endless graphics of staircases, stepladders and walkways.

In Italy, Camper Rome (by Doshi Levien) reflects scenes from a Mediterranean summer: bright, earthy hues and marble steps. Camper Bologna (by Isabel Lopez Vilalta) was also inspired by the Mallorcan Mediterranean and boasts sandy flooring, a blue sky-like ceiling and a school of red fish.  

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