If January days are getting you down, here's an interior design pick-me-up. The top 10 most popular stories on Frameweb this month were bright, cosy, and glam - from a luxe champagne bar in Copenhagen to chic Isabel Marant stores in Seoul and Paris by Ciguë, and a double-showing by Antwerp-based studio Pinkeye.

1. Woven Walls by Wies Preijde
Step into a living doodle: these rooms by Dutch designer Weis Preijde are created from hand-made 'walls' of thread, patterned to create spaces that look as if they've popped off the page.

2. Kinugawa by Gilles & Boissier
Sculpted wooden panels cover the openings and windows, triggering a dialogue between light and shadow, while Alix Waline’s painting on the 6m high wall on the ground floor – a fine sample of contemporary pointillism – contributes to the high emotional intelligence of the space.

3. Wasbar by Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio
Antwerp-based Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio created this wash-shop slash hang-out, using knick-knack drawers, vintage furniture and a retro-palette of light blues, greens and salmon pinks.

4. Office by Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio
The main feature is a wall of diagonal wood panels that divides the 600-sq-m space. Arched cut-outs reveal conference and meeting rooms ranging from the cosy to the bold, outfitted alternately in vintage furniture, white quilted wainscoting, colourful rugs and shimmering gold wallpaper.

5. Q&A: Thibaut Malet
“For me the beauty of an object lies primarily in the choice of its material, the form comes after. I try to work with pure materials in order to put forward their texture. Of course different materials can be combined, but ‘masking’ their ‘impurities’ is important to me. I get more satisfaction when the spectator does not know exactly how the object was made.”

6. Isabel Marant Stores By Ciguë
In Seoul, the store is enclosed in a grey concrete façade with a cut out window and overlapping window displays made from aluminium plates by French artist Arnold Goron, with a textured wood ceiling and the polished concrete floors also found in Paris and Tokyo.

7. Burberry Regent Street
Tons of marble were used to rebuild the floor of the majestic atrium, dark oak gives an elegant touch in the area of the fitting rooms; and the refined details of the building were created anew to reveal a stately interior.

8. Balthazar Champagne Bar by SPACE Copenhagen
'There has always been a certain mysterious and magic feel about hotel bars for us. There is something unpredictable about the mix of locals, travellers and hotel guests', the designers say. ‘Inspired by this atmosphere we chose to work with a broad palette of materials and soft colour tones to compose a cosy atmosphere and some intimate surroundings'.

9. Common Weather by SOFTlab and The Living
The installation is cut from mylar panels which hang between wooden rings from the Hall’s ceiling. Creating the funnel-like shape, smaller wooden rings pull the panels downwards, highlighting each of the ten exhibitions.

10. BGO Headquarters by Byn
The concrete columns and roof-beams of the original structure were kept visible – bearing all traces of their past – and combined with warmer materials, including the wood on the floor and the black denim covering the outer skin of the mezzanine – an implicit reference to the brand’s identity.