Technology has invaded the worlds of architecture, art and design, allowing creators to stretch their imaginations and produce temporal spaces or moments which have never been seen before. Robots, augmented reality and video projections transform mundane daily tasks into captivating and memorable experiences for people whom were in the right place at the right time.

Yobot by Yotel

The Big Apple’s Yotel created a fun and interactive solution for luggage storage in their hotel reception. A bag is placed inside of a metal box and then a robotic arm takes both the box and bag into a compartment safeguarded with metal bars. This user-friendly iteration of the assembly line device generates a theatrical experience for guests.

Unidisplay by Carsten Nicolai

Spanning 41 metres in length, a video projection of minimal aesthetics upon a black background immersed visitors into an abstract landscape. Images and sounds met architecture in the large open spaces of Milan’s Hangar Bicocca, seeming to extend into infinity.

Ode à la Vie by Moment Factory

Barcelonans and tourists alike were treated with a monumental building mapping on Gaudí’s partially completed cathedral, Sagrada Familia. The Moment Factory pulled out all of the stops for three nights, projecting vividly coloured animations which cascaded down the façade’s ornate details and highlighted its structural elements.

In Order To Control by NOTA BENE Visual

Projections of text on the floor of a dark room became interrupted as visitors passed through the space, and their shadows cast on the floor were then curiously projected onto the wall with the obstructed words contained inside their shadow. Children and adults alike began to dance their way through the space, forming positions which translated into unique shapes on the wall. The more people, the more clear the passages became creating relationships between strangers.

Yeasayer Stage Design by Casey Reas

Often times, innovation emerges from stinginess and in this case, budget restrictions led to the ideal solution for a traveling tour. Geometric structures became a three dimensional surface for video and LED light projections. Adaptable to any venue situation, the customizable set lets technology become the experience for concert-goers.

Disruptive by Design by Moment Factory

Moment Factory turned a blasé cocktail party into an augmented reality for eyewear brand Oakley. Pulsating lights, 270 degree projections, and sounds gave guests a unique experience.