Though nudged between architecture and design, urban interventions are anything but complacent. Within our shared environment, these engaging installations, innovative parks and skater-friendly bus stops make strong statements. Frame went back and selected the best examples changing public perception.

Voice Tunnel by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Last summer, a segment of New York’s Park Avenue Tunnel was opened to the public with an interactive light and sound installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

Endless Stair by dRMM
Commissioned for London Design Festival, dRMM conceived the Endless Stair installation – analyzing architecture’s most sculptural attribute.

Parkcycle Swarm by Rebar Group and N55

For Baku’s Public Art Festival, Danish collective N55 collaborated with Rebar Group to developed bike-mounted mini parks – mobile grass-patches bringing greenery into the city.

Rising Moon by Daydreamers Design
In light of this year’s Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Hong Kong-based Daydreamers Design built a dome out of recycled water bottles that illuminates like a lantern at night.

Discharge/Recharge by OSA and Christoph Rodatz
Repurposing a derelict tower in Germany, OSA and Christoph Rodatz developed a projected light installation for the Urban Lights Ruhr event.

Rosenplatz by YellowZ, Lad+ and BPR Group
Keeping in tune with the busy Osnabrück thoroughfare, a fully integrated bus stop and adjacent public furniture echoes a new rose-coloured pavement scheme.

Hovering Bridge by ipv Delft

Functional and site-specific, this intervention accommodates the flow of bike traffic over a busy intersection in Eindhoven. A razed circular platform is supported by a tall pylon.