During the Holland Festival, Isabella Rossellini divulged the curious love lives of animals with the Dutch premiere of Bestiaire d’amour.

What happens when a world famous actress studies biology? In the case of Isabella Rossellini, it’s led to a series of short videos exploring the sex lives of animals. These aren’t your typical Discovery Channel docos, though. Rossellini dons ridiculous costumes, investigating the animals by becoming the animals. By ‘ridiculous’, I really mean hilarious. Who wouldn’t want to see an actress-slash-model dress up as a fly or wave around a giant foam penis?

The series, called Green Porno, plays a role in the actress’s latest stage performance Bestiaire d’amour. The stand-up set-cum-seminar is both entertaining and informative; if all biology classes were like this, I’m sure many more students would be swayed into the field. As visual learners, many design-minded folk might benefit from a similar method of covering certain subjects. But instead of trying to explain the films, I urge you to simply watch, learn and be amused.