If form follows function, animals precede aesthetics at Oasis. Each one of Betwin Space Design’s visual and spatial decisions for the veterinary surgical centre is informed by a concern for the animals’ well-being and particular requirements, with the belief that simplicity is the most efficient of methods.

But putting function first does not necessarily mean leaving décor behind: this dedication to simplicity breeds distinctive visuals that give the centre a spacecraft-like allure.

For maintenance and sanitary purposes, the studio chose tempered concrete for the flooring, and included round corners that make it easier to clean doggy accidents.

While the same materials are used everywhere, Betwin changed things up from one area to another with different spatial compositions. The clinic’s various spaces have also been designed with the animals’ different physiological characteristics in mind; for instance, the ward designated for bigger dogs is larger, with features that diffuse loud barks and maximize mobility.

As Oasis is a clinic that specializes in nervous diseases, it requires a calming environment where stimuli is kept to a minimum to avoid stressing out the pets – which goes hand in hand with Betwin’s focus on efficiency and functionality rather than eccentric visuals. Moreover, open spaces and transparent materials were chosen over traditional metal cages, which soothes not only the pets, but also the owners’ anxieties, as all procedures and interventions are made visible to the public.



Location Central town-ro 107 2F, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Korea