Where Do We Go?: the Livestream illuminates the great potential artists have to connect and engage with their fans even with a lack of shared physical space.

2020 may have pressed pause on live music, but the circumstances have given room for ample experimentation. Case in point is Billie Eilish’s Where Do We Go?: originally planned as a global tour, the singer continued her collaboration with the Canadian multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory to take the concert to her would-be in-person audience’s devices on 24 October. Eschewing a stage for a 3D green screen installed in an LA studio space Eilish and her bandmates held an augmented digital performance spanning an hour and 13 songs.

Moment Factory joined forces with XR Studios, a team that specializes in extended reality for live performances, to immerse the musicians in a variety of artful environments for the duration of the livestream. Throughout the hour the space shapeshifted from an ominous deep-sea environment, to a ghostly dark room, stark red box, expansive starscape and more – all of the virtual spaces extrapolated themes explored in Eilish’s music on her new album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?.