NAVARRA – An enveloping aluminium façade shelters a biomedical research facility at a hospital of Navarra, Spain.

The structure, realized by Vaíllo & Irigaray, was created with an attempt to link its function – biomedical research – with its architecture.

‘The image is inherent to its intrinsic functionality,’ says architect Juan Irigaray Huarte. ‘It’s manifested by a shell that covers the characteristic forms. The outer skin “traces” the internal structures.’

Like animals in the wild, which can adapt their bodies in extreme ways when needed, the building also boasts specific adaptable functions. It regulates the internal temperature while protecting from the sun.

On the ground floor is a library, central hall and administrative office; levels one and two house research laboratories and service areas, while the basement contains a general store.

Photos courtesy of Pedro Pegenaute