A creation by Spanish window dresser Ion Ander Beloki brings a fresh breeze into the shop windows of fashion label Loreak Mendian. Founder and owner of Ja! Studio, Beloki has been invigorating the brand’s displays for the past several years. The designer lends form to his ideas without adding superfluous frills, as seen in Bloom – where an arrangement of different elements creates a balanced composition showcasing the Spanish brand’s SS14 shoe collection.

In the display, a tripod functions as a pedestal for a solitary shoe from the collection, which sits alongside a mobile that reacts to the customers entering the store. Inspired by the natural phenomenon of transfer of pollen, the mobile is formed of five undulating rods which change direction and shape as they catch the breeze from the shop’s main entrance. Beloki’s sense of simplicity often generates a dialogue between passers-by and Loreak Mendian, piquing their curiosity and drawing them into the store.