A wind-blown installation made of lightweight polyester was an unconventional facet with which to present a fashion collection in Japan.

The Bloom Skin installation was used at two Issey Miyake shops in Japan, accompanying the brand’s spring summer 2012 collection at ELTTOB TEB.

It was first used in a creamy white shade in Semba (Osaka), as the above video shows, with one 16m-long stream. Eight computer-controlled fans were situated on the ground, blowing air upwards into the material – a super fine polyester called organdy. The rhythmic result appeared as though the material was ‘living’ and floating in air.

Bloom Skin was then installed at the Issey Miyake ELTTOB TEB shop in Ginza, in two pieces measuring 4m-long, controlled by six fans. The pink organdy was selected for February's Valentine's Day holiday, but was then replaced with blue and green until the end of the month.