England-based artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson transforms books and encyclopedias in three-dimensional collages, delicate like a filigree and saturated with a subtle narrative dimension.

For his book sculptures, Korzer-Robinson uses mainly encyclopedia volumes, which are based purely on alphabetical order. Disclosing a narrative from this is the most challenging aspect of Korzer-Robinson's work. In choosing this pre-existing material, the artist attempts to reinterpret the books out of their utilitarian use for a new artistic purpose.

The artworks are made with a precise and time-consuming process of cutting. He goes through the pages and alternatively cuts and removes illustrations from them. The process is driven by a mixture of planning and chance.

The work of Korzer-Robinson has a gentle nostalgic tone. The artist links his artistic choices to the act of remembering and how memories are constructed.

Korzer-Robinson's book sculptures are part of the exhibition Other Nature organized by Antlers Gallery and showing at Frameless Gallery, London, until 31 March.

Photos courtesy of Alexander Korzer-Robinson and Antlers Gallery.

Frameless Gallery
20 Clerckenwell Road
London, UK