Brand van Egmond – famous for their handcrafted lighting sculptures – recently teamed up with interior designer Toplu Bilgic and lighting specialist Tepta Lighting for a new project in Ankara, Turkey.

The Hollywood and Crystal Water collections were both used: lighting up several floors of this new head office of a Turkish construction firm.

As all lighting by Brand van Egmond is handmade, they also offer the possibility of tailor-made solutions. An eclectic clientele – ranging from royals till rappers – finds their way into the Netherlands-based the design studio, requesting their very own handcrafted lighting sculpture by William Brand and his team.  

Project Name OSAK Construction Administration Building – Ankara, Turkey
Lighting Designer Brand van Egmond, owner and designer William Brand – Naarden, The Netherlands
Interior Design Office Arti Interior Design – Interior Designer Ipek Toplu Bilgic
Lighting Project and Design Tepta Lighting – Tuncay Danacioglu / Yasar Yilmaz – Istanbul, Turkey