Dutch artist John Breed has used 145 shoes and rainbow of paint to create a leggy installation.

The kaleidoscopic project is located inside the new Breuninger shoe store in Stuttgart, Germany. A former factory, the space has been transformed into Europe’s biggest shoe store, which is opening today.

‘The installation is about the madness of women about buying shoes,’ Breed says of the fibreglass legs of slightly different colours. ‘Like in real life, when a lady returns home after another shoe shopping session and one asks, “Doesn’t she already have a pair like this?”’

Breed says his process began by making sketches of a Medusa head with legs and shoes instead of snakes with heads. Wanting to make it more ‘tempting and sexy,’ he ditched the Medusa and opted for just shoe-wearing legs.

He built the wall of legs in his studio, then transported it to the site for easy installation.