A trip to the dentist may not be the most relaxing experience, which may be why Jaime Sepulcre Bernad’s referred to feng shui for his design of an orthodontic clinic.

Located in the old Spanish town of Burgos, the clinic is just one of many design-driven dental practices cropping up throughout the country. Fluid, continuous forms satisfy the client’s request for a space that avoids right angles and hard edges.

Working within the restraints of an existing space filled with timber columns, Bernad chose materials such as curved glass, epoxy resin and painted MDF to introduce light and transparency into these narrow historical premises.

In the central reception area – which the architect playfully calls the ‘gingival space’ – a weaving, fuchsia-pink path links a number of white, pebble-shaped cubicles, mimicking the appearance of healthy gums lining a mouthful of well-maintained teeth.

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