To give our audience eyes and ears into the live judging sessions that took place at Frame Awards 2020, we're sharing coverage of the insightful jury conversations that decided the winning projects. Below, we celebrate the recipient of the Sustainability Award: Brasserie 2050 by Overtreders W. Find the full collection of reports in our upcoming May/June 2020 issue, Frame 134.

The jury members debated rigorously while reviewing the Sustainability Award of the Year nominees, of which three out of five were pavilions. Kaave Pour, cofounder and managing director of Space10, voiced the question on everyone’s minds: ‘With most projects being so temporal, at what level do we judge them?’ How does intention factor against a project’s imminent perishability? Does educational endeavour outweigh spatial ambition? Some jury members considered foregoing the pavilion nominees altogether, while others disagreed. ‘No, we cannot eliminate a project just because it is temporary,’ stressed Martha Thorne, dean of the IE School of Architecture and Design.

The judges eventually declared Brasserie 2050 by Overtreders W to be the winner. The zero-food-waste concept restaurant – which opened its doors at the Lowlands festival in Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands – travels to events around Europe, temporarily popping up for their duration. The pavilion’s nomadic design simultaneously speaks to vice and virtue: despite producing considerable carbon emissions by constantly travelling, the structure utilizes materials well suited to transportation and reassembly.

The judges commended Brasserie 2050 for an off-the-shelf design that lends itself well to travel.

Regine Leibinger, cofounder of Barkow Leibinger said that ‘pavilions are a nice typology for architects because they are research tools’. On the other hand, Natsai Audrey Chieza, founder and director of Faber Futures, felt the project could have dived deeper, maintaining that the food production research remained ‘undeveloped’. Thorne agreed, concluding that nevertheless, ‘it is a lovely space. It’s made from off-the-shelf materials and it serves a purpose for the time that it is up.’

Frame Awards 2020's Societal category was proudly sponsored by Iris Ceramica Group. The People’s Choice award went to Circular Factory by GC, by Party/Space Design.