Pokémon Go, the Better Shelter by Ikea, the Nike Pro Hijab and Zaha Hadid Architects’ Antwerp Port House are some of the Beazley Designs of the Year nominations on exhibit at the Design Museum until 28 January 2018. Tasked with bringing diverse projects together in a cohesive exhibition space, Carmody Groarke opted for a powerful spatial experience through an unusual choice of material.

The London-based studio abstracted the existing gallery space into a sequence of monolithic volumes using Soundcel, an acoustic insulation material made of recycled-newspaper pulp. The contrast between the cave-like exhibition space and the designs on display accentuates the innovative nature of the exhibits, while the use of a single material throughout provides visual coherence.

‘The sprayed-paper design gives a very sculptural backdrop to the exhibition content, contrasting the technology and innovation displayed with an almost archaic feel to the space’, says co-founder Andy Groarke.

The brightly coloured acrylic museum labels designed by Micha Weidmann Studio slice into the papered surfaces, providing a layer of contrast for the descriptions of the exhibits to stand out against the rough background.


The Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition runs at London’s Design Museum until 28 January 2018.

Location 224-238 Kensington High Street