I IN’s revitalization of the Cartier's Japanese headquarters embodies the brand’s core value of luxury while ensuring a dynamic, employee-centred workspace.

Key features

Design studio I IN completed a revitalization of the Hanzomon, Tokyo, headquarters for luxury jeweller Cartier. With the refurbishment of the space, the designers sought to express the brand’s ethos using hues such as its signature red, champagne and gold throughout. Entering the space, one is greeted with a light and airy entrance hall due to the nearly full-height windows surrounding the office. A circular lounge with curved red sofas designed by Time & Style is encased by golden louvers and serves as a waiting area for visitors. A gold leaf artwork is mounted on the entrance's wall. 

The main workspace is laid out in an open plan. At its centre is a large, radial worktable demarcating individual work spots with gold lines. The table’s nucleus houses a generous plant arrangement and, above, a custom chandelier is made of matching gold strips. Additional work spots include rows of partitioned, off-white desks, raised tables and shelf-like desks which run along an exterior window. A separate ‘communication lounge’ is a more social space accommodating casual meetings or breaks, while a marble-topped bar sits in the middle of the room and is surrounded by plush couches and small café-like tables. In addition, raised tatami mat is tucked into the corner of the lounge, providing a space for employees to decompress while honouring traditional Japanese aesthetics and culture. 

Frame’s take

Beauty and aesthetics are two of the qualities typically associated with luxury. But, oftentimes, a fixation on these qualities alone may mean that a space’s utility is compromised – something that is important for creating a productive and employee-focused workspace. For Cartier’s Japanese headquarters, a brand synonymous with luxury, beauty and aesthetics, I IN managed to marry each of these qualities without falling short on the utilitarian aspects necessary for a dynamic and wellbeing-oriented workspace. Ample natural light, flexible workstations and generous lounge space all translate to a work environment centred around the employees without neglecting the luxury aesthetic and essence of the brand.