Spanish artist Ana Soler used 2,000 tennis balls and fine nylon thread to fill an entire gallery with a neon metaphor.

The installation explored themes of cause-and-effect relationships, as the balls seemingly bounced and rebounded throughout the space. Suspended one-by-one, they were stopped in time and space. Each hung from a fine nylon thread, attached by a steel cable to the ceiling.

Soler says she wanted the project to reflect how every decision provokes a three-dimensional map of pathways that reflect a deeper metaphor.

‘Depending on where and how you hit you get one outcome or another,’ she said. ‘Life, when seen in its complexity, is like an elaborate map of tangled paths which challenge the human being and its context.’

As visitors walked through the space, they found themselves confronted by transparent barriers, causing them to detour around the suspended balls.

The installation was shown late last year at Mustang Art Gallery in Alicante, Spain.