Isaac Cordal's cement figurines invade HLP Project Space in Brussels, where they'll remain until 8 December.

Cordal is gaining popularity as a unique street artist. His small cement characters temporarily and surprisingly inhabit public spaces across Europe, their ephemeral existence suspended between the most dramatic tragedy and ferocious comedy.

Wittily thought-provoking, Cordal's human creatures now populate the space of the gallery, staging contemporary social dramas. The Lehman Brothers are now victims lying on the ground, as if literally precipitated from the high-rise towers of corporate power. If you Follow the Leaders you'll end up economically, socially and humanly burying yourself, as the financial collapse has already shown in the news. And in times of social unrest and worldwide protests the police is left - at least in Cordal's critical work - with the empowering rite of a mantra.

The low-relief Quand Certains Dominent hangs on the wall; in the central panel small figurines unmask an hooded man, the same one that is taking hold of them in the lateral ones. In Cordal's critical commentary the powerless ones are hopefully going to expose the sins of the powerful.