Hidden inside a 17th-century barn is a modern dining experience. 

Architects at Marseille-based Comac paid their respects to the property’s historical aspects by leaving most intact. Instead of destroying vintage stone walls and rustic wooden beams, they worked around them, devising a clever plan to incorporate original architecture with 21st-century design.

The new kitchen and dining space create rooms within rooms; they have been constructed within plywood and glass boxes on wooden supports. Guests are invited to walk between these self-supporting ‘rooms’ and the original stone walls, literally straddling the border between old and new.

‘To restructure the barn into a restaurant meant, above all, preserving the historical environment of the place, respect what was already existing and let it live on its own,’ the architects say.

Charroux is located in central France, about 200km north-west of Lyon. The villages dates back to the 17th century and today remains a museum in itself, as most historic aspects of the medieval era been preserved.