NILVANGE – In a small French town near the Luxembourg border, Parisian firm Chartier-Corbasson has adapted a prefabricated building into a concert hall and music school. Embellished with sheets of golden stainless steel, the newly clad façades are the most striking element of the whole scheme. The material crafts distorted reflections, mirroring the dense woodland surroundings. The positioning of the steel around the entrance is the result of a carefully studied algorithm, with the sheets lapping upwards giving a sense of dynamism to the otherwise rigid exterior. Drilled holes in the material filter the sun and provide the classrooms with adequate thermal and solar comfort.

On entering the building, guests are led into a spacious reception area with a simplistic and versatile interior aesthetic, catering to the varying functional requirements of the space. Large windows cover three sides of the room, offering unhindered views of the scenic hillside surroundings. Dedicated teaching spaces for the music school have been created on the upper floors of the facility. The concert hall is situated within the basement, in the place of a former swimming pool which measured 10-m wide and 25-m long. The architects utilised the depth of the pool to form a lowered viewing area, with the stage positioned at floor level. Former changing rooms were converted into studios, dressing rooms and storage spaces to support the various events that take place in the concert hall.

Photos courtesy of Romain Meffre and Yves Marchand

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