ST PETERSBURG – Hong Kong-based architecture studio Cheungvogl adds a Selfie Room to its recently completed spa and treatment areas as part of the restoration of iconic department store Au Pont Rouge in St Petersburg, Russia. The room, reserved for samples and testing, is set up to make visitors feel simultaneously like performers, models and photographers.

The designers focused on achieving perfect facial illumination without shadows. A long mirror reflects a curved wall of mesh, which filters indirect lighting. The space offers endless reflections – perfect eye candy for snap-happy patrons. The designers believe that by ‘animating self-reflection within the abstract context, one is driven and inspired to act, document and ultimately share the moment. The space merges the online and offline experience of visitors and brands. By sharing the self-image through social media, visitors create 15 minutes of fame for themselves and advertisement space for the brand within their social networks. In the shared posts, the brand itself is only apparent in the Geotag.’

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a space designed with selfies in mind, but here the pendulum swings to the side of the purpose. It’s almost like the modern answer to photo-opportunity spots at tourist destinations. The question is: if you’re being told to take the pic, knowing everyone else is too, is the appeal as great?

Photos courtesy of Cheungvogl