In Chongquing, China, the sales office of a real estate company resembles the cavernous interior of a mountain.

The inspiration was found in local geography – it’s a mountainous region in Nanshan, Chongquing. The project site is in a valley surrounded by hills, and this influence is clearly reflected in the angular, diagonally sloping walls and ceilings.

Meanwhile, slender LED lights hang from the ceiling, resembling natural rainfall in the mountains.

‘The massive triangular features directly visualize the “mountain” concept,’ says designer Ajax Law Ling Kit of One Plus Partnership. ‘The pattern of grey marbles on the floor enhances the triangular shapes. The stairs connecting the floors are designed as passing through the cave.’

An array of materials combine in the space, from mirror, glass and marble, to Corian stone, plastic laminate, stainless steel and even wallpaper.

The architecture was completed by international firm Spark.  

Photos courtesy Ajax Law Ling Kit and Virginia Lung.