London’s Selfridges department store has teamed with Studio XAG for its latest window display – a tribute to legendary footwear designer Christian Louboutin.

Five themed windows at Selfridges’ Oxford St. megashop are filled with two-dimensional graphics, each of which was photographed especially for the project. Some hang and spin, attached to concentric rings and rotating at various speeds. One display pays tribute to the men’s collection (and tattooed strongmen flex their muscles), while another features wheels of rotating shoes and feet, circling Louboutin’s face.  

‘Exploring symmetry, changing scale, repetition and kaleidoscopic motion, each window focuses on a different form of movement,’ says designer Xavier Sheriff of StudioXAG. ‘With specially engineered mechanical elements powering the moving graphics, it also showcases key product detailing.’

The project is running in conjunction with the World of Louboutin concept space inside the department store, which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Christian Louboutin.

The windows can be seen until 1 April at Selfridges.

400 Oxford St.
London, U.K.