Instead of representing an economic downfall, a former slaughterhouse has been given new life as a cultural venue.

Architects Churtichaga+Quadra-Salcedo have transformed the space into the Cineteca cinema center.

It’s rare to witness such a strong aesthetic vision behind the refurbishment of an abandoned factory. Apart from reinforcing the existing structure, the architects gave the interiors a warm yet mysterious and intriguing feel by covering all surfaces with a grey-painted pine flooring.

They also inserted ‘basket’ structures – the striking visual leitmotif of the project – consisting of bent steel tubing frames, woven with conventional industrial irrigation hoses. The lit ‘baskets’ stand out in sharp contrast to the darkness around them, providing colour and tactility.

The structure houses a film archive, film and television studio, two cinemas, offices, canteen and summer film patio. It’s located in the culturally thriving Matadero development, which houses facilities for design, music and contemporary art.

Photos courtesy Fernando Guerra, FG Reportagens.