At the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Studio Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters presented the Cloud Boxes that they made for PROOFFlab. Cloud Boxes are a series of storage boxes covered with semi-transparent latex inspired by clouds.

Offices usually have lots of things that contribute to making the work environment a bit of a mess. The Cloud Boxes are made in three different sizes to store office clutter. They have a damping effect on the sound, like adding a curtain to envelope space. Apart from having an acoustic quality, they also filter the visual ‘noise’.

‘We thought it would be great if you could place all these kinds of needs in an office cloud. Not hiding them, so you don’t know where to find it anymore, but damping them by turning them into blurred silhouettes of colour.’

The Cloud Boxes don’t have any hinges or doors, but can be opened by stretching the latex. As soon as you release the latex, the box will close itself again.