Nature dictates nuance as Remy & Veenhuizen experiment with fluid concrete. Uncovering new material properties, the Utrecht-based design duo continue to grow their unique furniture series. Each chair and table is created, following a new or improved process – building upon earlier developments. Simple and inexpensive, concrete distorts and deforms bespoke moulding systems – something the designers champion.

With an intuitive trial and error approach, Remy & Veenhuizen began by introducing soft elements into hard public spaces – meeting point benches cast on the spot. Already, a heavy concrete-filled rubber shells resembled inflated bubbles – A tromp l’oeil effect evident in subsequent chairs and tables.

The design duo pursued different formulas. Poured into a PVC-sheet mould – cut and adhered patterns – liquid concrete determined its own shape. Metal particles were added to ensure stability while extra pressure-points gave each piece a honeycomb-like structure. Remy & Veenhuizen are still searching for a mass produced application. Having only skimmed the surface, they hope to expand the understanding of concrete as a dynamic material.

Photos courtesy of Remy & Veenhuizen