Time seems elusive by how volatile and fleeting a reflection can be. The sculptures, some in highly polished stainless steel, are at times extremely heavy due to the size and use of materials, yet appear very poignant through reflection,’ explains Bibi van der Velden. In Confronting Time, viewers perceive abstractions of time, as they are initially confronted with themselves through a method of filming, and then projected into the piece with a slight delay. This creates moments of confusion when the viewers see themselves from a distance, yet do not instantly recognize their reflections. The delayed reflection symbolises infinity; as the viewers engage with the work in real time, the artwork will always remain contemporary. ‘Our sculptures create a sense of timelessness,’ says Michèle Deiters. ’The viewer is the essential ingredient, contributing emotion to the work. Contrast and balance are also key themes; our sculptures have a certain weightlessness.’ Deiters’ sculptural sensitivity complements Van der Velden’s conceptual point of view, and the pair challenge each other to step outside of their creative boundaries, resulting in a series of artworks that creates confrontation between the artists, viewers, and time itself. The work will be shown at Studio White Space in Amsterdam from 30 September – 12 November, 2010.