Four thousand price tags sway on strings, dancing above the heads of shoppers at the MOM Park Shopping Centre. With colour and movement, the Just Decoration installation transforms the consumerist environment into a visual art experience that recalls a touchable white cloud in a summer sky. The designer Kissmiklos, however, is making a statement about the shallowness of today’s consumer culture by downgrading art to the level of decoration and customer experience.

On the tags – which have been designed to imitate those of fast-fashion retailers – every price is indicated as zero. Thousands of these fake tags are suspended in an eye-catching cloud formation, hovering over a high-traffic area of the shopping centre; but hidden among them are a few real price tags that visitors can find to win products or discount vouchers. Prize tags, if you will.

Just Decoration is a fictitious brand, and the cloud installation is a symbolic game that playfully holds a mirror to modern consumerism and the human obsession with self-ornamentation.

Customers who make a minimum purchase in the shopping centre are invited to flip through the dummy tags until they find a ‘prize tag’; an act which mimics typical shopper browsing behaviour in fast-fashion stores. The piece of paper is suddenly transformed, monetized, and symbolically materialized into a tangible brand product. The fictitious brand becomes real. The decoration becomes a consumer experience.

At the same time, the visually tantalizing installation itself entices viewers to play the game – which requires making the minimum purchase of 5000 HUF. Just Decoration proves to be an ironic statement, as the installation turns viewers into customers.

The installation may be décor and game, but by questioning the nature of art and consumerism, and by constantly transforming its own nature and function, it is an artwork first, according to Kissmiklos. Or, in other words – ‘a win-win situation between the shopping centre and me,’ says the designer.

Location MOM Park Shopping Centre, Alkotás utca 53, 1123 Budapest, Hungary