Housed within a former metal factory, an experiential light and spatial design installation celebrates Nike’s ongoing exploratory relationship with football and one of its star figures, Cristiano Ronaldo. The installation – designed by Coordination Asia with the complementary eye of media designer Tobias Gremmler – uses light as a material expression of movement.

Entering the exhibition, the visitor steps into a football spectacle rendered in light. The installation employs 1680 m of LED light strips in the Nike logo as well as running silhouettes. Elegant physical evocations of speed, the light strips appear to propel the tunnel forward. Built only with light and digital elements, the tunnel becomes a manifestation of augmented reality – one where the body is transient in the non-space of a digital landscape.

The tunnel is lined with sculptural bronze formations of the number seven in honour of Ronaldo’s jersey number. Each displays a different edition of the Mercurial boot – a shoe born from Nike’s dedication to the innovation of performance wear. The procession creates a viewable archive of the shoe’s genealogy and its transformation from 1998 to today. Just beyond the tunnel, the exhibition is carpeted with artificial white grass and a football pitch, inviting visitors to participate in the concept of speed and performance. Aware of the impact of social media, the triumphant expression of movement in the installation is distilled even in still images.