In less than 24 hours, one of Amsterdam's monumental venues will host the 5th annual What Design Can Do. Creatives from around the world will partake in a two-day conference to celebrate the power of design to innovate society's greatest challenges.

Taking place at the Stadsschouwburg on Thursday May 21st and Friday May 22nd at 9:30am, What Design Can Do presents an all-day conference with speakers from around the world and opportunities to interact with them in break-out sessions. Covering the fields of architecture to art and graphic design to smell, a range of educators, professionals, researchers and theorists will take to the stage bringing forth information and inspiration. Break-out sessions named for a specific topic with the title 'What Design Can Do For...' will be hosted by firms, organisations and universities. Participants can align the session's topics to their career interests such as What Design Can Do For Digital Experiences or What Design Can Do For Packaging or delve into their personal interests by attending sessions like What Design Can Do for Beer or What Design Can Do for Dating – complete with a speed dating session – to name a few. See the full programme here.  

It's not too late to purchase a combiticket or single day tickets here. Are you on a student budget but don't want to miss out on a great experience? Check out WDCD's student ticket rates here.

Below is the complete schedule with current speaker line-up (subject to change).

Thursday May 21st – Day 1

09:30   Opening Act / Introduction
09:55   Paul Hekkert (Tu Delft) / The Netherlands – Design Theory
10:20   Michael Johnson / United Kingdom – Branding
10:45   Presentation WDCD Challenge With Dagan Cohen
10:55   Break / Meet & Greet – Check-In Breakouts
11:30   Alex Atala / Brazil – Food
11:55   Sissel Tolaas / Norway – Smell
12:20   Jan Rothuizen / The Netherlands – Refugee Republic
12:40   Michael Murphy (Mass Design Group) / United States – Architecture
13:15   Lunch
14:10   the Breakout Sessions
15:50   Intermezzo / The Netherlands – Circus Engelbregt
16:05   Steve Rura (Google Creative Lab) / United States – Digital Design
16:30   Alejandro Magallanes / Mexico – Graphic Design
16:55   Diébédo Francis Kéré / Burkina Fasso – Architecture
17:20   Drinks at the Rotonde / Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Friday May 22nd – Day 2

09:30   Opening Act / Introduction
09:55   Charles Spence (Oxford University) / United Kingdom – Design Theory
10:20   Campana Brothers / Brazil – Furniture & Interior Design
10:45   Césare Peeren (Superuse) / The Netherlands – Architecture
10:55   Break / Meet & Greet – Check-In Breakouts
11:30   Jonathan Spampinato (Ikea Foundation) / United States – Interview With Unhcr And Johan Karlsson
11:55   Bompas & Parr / United Kingdom – Flavour Based Experience Design
12:20   Cynthia Shanmugalingam / United Kingdom – Food
12:40   Cameron Sinclair / United Kingdom – Architecture
13:15   Lunch
14:10   The Breakout Sessions
15:50   Hippocratic Oath For Designers / Jeroen Junte & Gospel Choir
16:05   Presentation WDCD Challenge with Dagan Cohen
16:30   Ole Scheeren / China/Germany – Architecture
16:55   Stefan Sagmeister / United States – Graphic Design
17:20   Drinks at the Rotonde / Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam