Shanghai experimental design studio DAS Lab has completed a 180 m2 concept store in Shijiazhuang shopping mall Mix C. The multi-brand shop, called AND.G, is a platform for shoppers to discover new inspiring fashion brands, set in a space with sleek laboratory-esque interiors.

‘The whole space is regarded as a medium for brands to gather,’ explains a spokesperson for the studio, ‘we analyzed [the retailer’s] essence – inclusiveness – trying to find commonalities among contradictions’. Eschewing fixed circulation for a more explorative layout, the designers hope to ‘inspire the customers to have an in-depth dialogue with brands out of intuition’. They devised an abstract, flat grid system – brand ‘points’ are linked up to form a unified plane – by which to organize the merchandise.

DAS Lab employed a visually striking material palette of sandblasted stainless steel, terrazzo, blue glass, Diatom ooze, volcanic rock and wood-grain cement board to create the signature look. Geometric furniture and fixtures outfit the interiors, which would be monochromatic in silver tones were it not for bold blue paneling which serves to highlight key areas.

The designers explain that the chosen design elements are not just a pursuit of ‘visual performance’, but also a means for brands to connect with space and the retailer to convey a coherent aesthetic message to AND.G’s audience.

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