‘Clubbing and dancing are very physical and all about seduction,’ says Niek Pulles in reference to Seductive Precursors, the exhibition-cum-fashion show that he and Harm Rensink designed and curated for Dutch Design Week.

The location – the old Bongo Beach club in Eindhoven – banished all preconceived notions of seedy nightlife. Far from sticky floors and the stench of stale alcohol, the interior conveyed a carefully crafted after-hours atmosphere. Spotlights aimed at suspended mannequins brightened the large, dark space, along with a few choice neon signs and a somewhat luminous ‘carpet’ of white gravel. ‘We wanted to bring people into our world as soon as they stepped inside,’ says Rensink. ‘The sensation of gravel underfoot – involving touch, sound and sight – was part of our fresh approach to the experience of viewing fashions.’ Eerie figures dangling in precarious positions seemed to be frozen mid-dance. Their outfits? A heady mix of futuristic and material experimentation.

A showcase for Modebelofte by Eindhoven boutique You Are Here, Seductive Precursors allowed Pulles and Rensink to provide young forward-thinking fashion designers with a prominent platform. ‘We enjoy working with talented graduates who are not yet restricted by commerce or wearability,’ says Rensink. ‘The way we displayed the garments made their universe limitless.’

Photos Barbara Medo and Britt Roelse