Amsterdam's fashionable department store debuts an Artist in Residence initiative on the rooftop of their building on Dam Square.

De Bijenkorf unveiled its newest endeavour which will surely add 'arts and cultural venue' to the store's fashionable repertoire. In collaboration with the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, the department store has invited an array of creatives including architects, artists, dancers, designers, musicians, writers and more to partake in their latest initiative: Room On The Roof. Aptly named for the venue's lofty home, the rooftop tower will host the individuals throughout the ongoing project. The space is the perfect size to maintain focus on their craft while a panorama of Amsterdam offers additional inspirational fuel.

Standing approximately 12 metres tall, the historical structure offers a prime view overlooking Dam Square. To optimise views through the facade's vertical window arrangement, i29 architects stacked the studio's living spaces. The two-toned scheme of wood and white surfaces expands the feel of the interior despite the structure's size limitations. A composition of wooden boxes containing the bedroom, kitchen and study are opposed by a white-washed lounge equipped with a telescope. Guests can ascend to the pinnacle of the fairy-tale-like lookout with a continuous spiral stair. 

National and international artists will get in touch with their artform from the confines of the tower, generating poetry, music and photography with the intention of being shared with the public. A broad spectrum of techniques to display their work will be explored including exhibitions, installations, performances and window displays within de Bijenkorf and surrounding areas. Dutch designer Maarten Baas will be the studio's first resident so stay tuned for the results of his time in the tower.

Photos Ewout Huibers