The Italian duo’s fascinating study of material continues in their latest collection De Natura Fossilium in collaboration with Gallery Libby Sellers. Investigating the culture surrounding the volcano Mount Etna, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin take the destructive nature of the mountain and turn it into a ‘facility for production’.

Sicilian basalt is CNC milled, while lavic glass – melted from rocks found at Etna – is mouth-blown into vessels and cast into boxes. The project facilitates a number of collaborations with experts across Europe from scientists analysing lavic stones at the INGV of Catania to the manufacturing of the textile works with the Textile Museum in Tilburg, back in the Netherlands where Studio Formafantasma are based.

De Natura Fossilium will be at Palazzo Clerici in Milan from 8-13 April 2014.

Gallery Libby Sellers
Palazzo Clerici
Via Clerici 5, Milano, IT

Photos Luisa Zanzani