STUTTGART – A three-storey laboratory near Stuttgart, Germany, is the essence of a chameleon, enclosed in a metallic skin.

The building houses a research laboratory at the University of Hohenheim. Resembling a large rectangular block, the western façade is fully glass while the three other sides are completely glazed in anodized aluminium, blending with the structure’s exposed concrete surfaces.

Inside, classrooms and laboratories face large windows clad in this glaze, which offers a shield from sunlight but is still translucent from the interior.

‘The building was designed such that the structural details and design of the façade allow for a seamless extension of the building toward the north,’ says architect Hanno Chef Hendriks of Heinle, Wischer und Partner. ‘The façade cladding is flexible in its installation and removal.’

Photos courtesy of Christina Kratzenberg

University of Hohenheim
Otto-Sander Straße 5
70599 Stuttgart