Chemetal / Treefrog / InteriorArts are three extended collections of design materials for interior spaces of all sizes. These designs in metal, wood and laminate are specified worldwide in retail, hospitality, corporate, restaurant, cabinetry, signage, shipbuilding and residential environments. Each product line is unique.

Chemetal represents one of the largest collections of metal designs and laminates available, with many designs made in the USA and others sourced throughout the world. The designs range from deeply brushed aluminums, anodized aluminums, patinaed brass, copper and aluminum, plus HPL metal designs and more. Chemetal is available in both 4 x 8 and 4 x 10 foot sizes as well as custom and cut-to-size pieces. It’s available through our international distributor network and contributes to LEED as recycled content.

Treefrog is a prefinished wood veneer laminate that offers the beauty of real wood and the ease of a laminate. The manufacturing process ensures a reliable selection of prefinished veneer in design spaces of any size. Commonly occurring wood creates the look and feel of exotic tree species, without harvesting the rare species. Also available in 4 x 8 and 4 x 10 foot sheet size with FSC options.

InteriorArts is a collection of hpl design laminates for interior use. InteriorArts isn’t 25 shades of white, it’s a collection where design professionals source what they can’t find anywhere else, like textured wood appearances, and ahead of the curve looks. The GreenGuard-Certified options are available in standard 4 x 8 foot sheets.

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