Until 16 November, Roca London Gallery is hosting the third edition of Design Exquis, an exhibition inspired by the collective method of creation known as Exquisite Corpse (Cadavre Exquis) that can be traced back to the Surrealists. Each of the participants was given just one month to produce something new based on their predecessor’s work – without knowledge of the other participants or projects.

To kick off the process, a simple object – a bar of soap – was given to food designer Jacopo Sarzi. The Italian likened the traditional methods involved in creating the product to those employed for churning ice-cream. His output was therefore an ice-cream maker formed from cork, which was handed over to studio 45 Kilo as inspiration for the second object in the series.

Studio 45 Kilo’s result – Summer Bowls – is a series of handmade vessels reminiscent of those found in an ice-cream shop. Next up: Studio Swine, whose Mountain Light raises questions about constructed paradises, calling to mind the seemingly eternal summers and modernist architecture of such spots as Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

Lex Pott saw Mountain Light’s angular shape as like that of an open book and went on to design Reflections, a marble room divider and series of six shelves based on the book-matching technique used in the wood and stone industries. His choice of material served as the inspiration for the final piece in the series: Metamorphosis by music composer Nick Phillips. The aural work translates the grain and colour of marble into sound patterns, and the final composition accompanies visitors on their tour through Design Exquis.

Design Exquis is on display at Roca London Gallery, Station Court, London, SW6 2PY until 16 November.