Tableau and Ari Prasetya tapped 25 international artists, designers and architects to create seating for Connie-Connie, a café at art centre Copenhagen Contemporary.

Key features

Complementing bespoke green tables by Tableau, the array of chairs, stools and benches have all been designed especially for the café. The studio and Australian designer Ari Prasetya gave the 25-strong creative team carte blanche to develop chairs or benches from Douglas wood off-cuts provided by Danish flooring company Dinesen. Some simple, linear and neutral and others bold, organic and colourful, the varied seating takes on many geometries, textures and finishes, creating a sort of installation in the hospitality space. The bright, high-ceilinged interior is dressed in green, white and blue curtains, accentuating two-tone green and white walls and verdant flooring. 

Visitors to the café can take a piece of Connie-Connie home with them, as the seating designs are available for purchase in singulars or reproduction. 

Frame’s take

A celebration of collaboration, Tableau and Prasetya’s project proposes a new way of uniquely furnishing spaces, especially those in cultural environments. A combination of such a wide range of design visions gives Connie-Connie soul and personality; while the seating is all different, the chairs, stools and benches harmonize cohesively in the green-and-white interior. The partnership between the designers and Dinesen shows how excess materials can be used to new and exciting ends, while the purchasing model adds an extra element of engagement between the visitors and the interior fittings.