Time travel is a thing of the present for DesignLab Experience and Edoardo Tresoldi. In the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre hall stood the fruit of their collaboration: 8,000 sq-m of galvanized steel mesh arranged to form transparent sculptures reminiscent of both classical architecture and futuristic scenes. Custom-made by Tresoldi, the illuminated structures formed the setting for the 1750-guest wedding held in the exhibition hall.

While it might appear to hover between ghostly digital projection and trompe l’oeil decor, the installation is completely three-dimensional and features a façade and a dome, as well as colonnades, columns and vaulted arches evocative of those that enclosed historic town squares.

Overhead, a flock of birds suspended in mid-flight and cubes made from mesh contrast with the classical structures and surrounding greenery, marrying ancient and ultramodern techniques and aesthetics in a single setting.