Deep in the Austrian Alps, beneath the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Designliga unveils a product show for Audi's trade marketing employees-cum-secret agents as part of the Central Launch Training 2015.

The Munich-based agency Designliga composed a set of architecture and graphic design with multimedia and moving images for a theatrical, multi-sensory presentation for 12,000 attendees from 40 nations. Subterranean research facilities carved deep into the mountain become a backdrop for scenery to indoor impressions with sensory systems. Complete with black-suited guards and earpiece glitches, Audi Secret Labs presents a world that is associated with James Bond, the central inspiration. 

The scenario features all the essential aspects of vehicle disclosure. Akin to wacky geniuses, Professor Edge, Head of Engineering of Audi Secret Labs, enthusiastically walks visitors through the presentation while in conversation with a female voiceover.

Get a glimpse of the Audi Secret Lab from Professor Edge here.

Photos Designliga