The third edition of the international Designpreis Halle revolved around the element of water. Submissions have been sent from over 40 countries, including both realised products, ideas and concepts which examine the liquid of life in a creative and innovative way. A jury of experts shortlisted a total of 19 designs out of 340 entries vying for the award. Amongst the shortlisted entries are a mixture of conceptual products that aim to bring awareness as well as ecologically conscious projects to improve our daily life – with a sense of playfulness.

First prize is awarded to Cologne-based designer Emmanuel Steffens, who conceived Drink Don’t Carry – a collection of drinking glasses which turn tap water into a brand. The tumblers display the names of local regions or provinces providing the tap water source, creating fictitious brand names. His branding campaign intends to re-establish the public resource’s status as a top quality product.

The second place award is shared by Estel Alcaraz Sancerni and Shira Kerat. Barcelona-based designer Sancerni created Sardines, a pair of foldable rainboots. Her coloured boots can be rolled up tightly - like sardines in a tin - and easily toted along for surprise rain events. Shira Kerat is an Israel-born designer who created a series of marble serving platters and vessels that show the morphology of a rock when exposed to water. She used a water-jet cutting system to imitate natural processes to create unpredictable, organic shapes. Next to the winning submissions there are four honourable mentions: Ester Stuhmer, Lisa Merk, Mathilde Gullaud and duo Charlotte Degry and Camille Mabboux.

The ceremony was held at the Stadbadt in Halle, Germany. The historic location was selected as the venue to shed light on the space and give it in a contemporary context. The building will function as an exhibition space for the mentioned projects until 22 June.